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My world, as a child, revolved around the magic in Nature. I’m sure that’s true of all children, and perhaps I just never grew up. I still see fairies peeking from under autumn leaves. Animals still talk to me.

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, which I swear is the most wonderful place on Earth. At 2 1⁄2 my first drawing – a picture of my mother ringing a doorbell, was published.

Art, design, and the desire to express my love for living things and color, has always been a primary personal focus. A freelance artist on multiple levels, I’ve had the pleasure of being an award-winning interior and environmental designer, an industrial, commercial, aircraft and residential product designer, advertising illustrator, set designer, stained glass and wrought iron designer… and painter. Oil painting absolutely reaches my soul. Through this medium I touch my animals and they touch my heart, I feel the colors like sunshine, and breathe the movement.

Using texture, glass, fabric, feathers, rocks… any assortment of materials, my multi-media paintings are an expression of my memories. Places and experiences turn into color, shine and flow – like music on the canvas.

It is a privilege to spend time in my Laguna Beach, California studio. With this quiet inspiration, I try to recreate or honor just a bit of the beauty life has offered.

Judi McFee Smolin lives in North Tustin, California, enjoying her sweet husband, 3 wonderful children, 4 perfect grandchildren, and an angelic Golden Retriever.

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