Artist – John Eagle

John Eagle 2016

John Eagle has been actively painting over 60 years.  He is known nationally for his colorful paintings of the natural Laguna Canyon / Beach settings.  His life as a Laguna Beach artist is “a wonderful dream come true.”

John’s painting dramatize the quality of natural light outdoors, simulating a natural feeling of warmth, peace and joy.  The vibrant colors he uses take on a shimmering quality, causing the image to change during the course of the day as well as the viewers distance from the painting.  Form and details are best seen by the viewer from 15 to 30 feet away.

He paints natural landscapes in a style halfway between French and American Impressionism, which is rather unique to John.  Like the French Impressionists, he applies undiluted paint thickly, allowing the paint and brushwork to suggest the form as much as possible. John paints on location from life rather than in the studio using photographs.  John squints down while looking at the scene until he blocks out all the detail, and that fuzzy image is what he chooses to paint.  He is focused capturing the pattern of light and shadow, rather than the literal version of the landscape. His objective is to communicate to the viewer how it feels to be at the scene at that time of day, instead of just how it happens to look. His approach is the art of suggestion and interpretation rather than a literal representation or rendering of the scene using photographic detail.  Intentionally the only portion of John’s painting which is in focus is the center of interest.  Realistically this is the way we actually observe a scene, with everything around the center of interest being out of focus unlike a literal photograph.

John received his training at the Laguna College of Art and Design, and San Jose State University.  He teaches painting at the Laguna Community Center and the Sawdust Art Festival.  He is a member of the Festival of the Arts, Sawdust Art Festival, Laguna Plein Air Painters Association Southern California Plein Air Artists Association, American Impressionists Society and Who’s Who in American Art.  He is the owner of Studio 7 Gallery.

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