Artist – Joan Boryta


Joan has had wonderful opportunities to paint. She began her career painting New England for many years, then Ireland for two month-long stints, and lastly Barbados, a land of wild and lively color. Her specialty is painting landscapes that linger in one’s mind as calm, peaceful and quiet—places to contemplate.

While in New England, Joan received many Arts Council awards by painting 50+ watercolor landscapes of several rural towns as an historical documentation of the times. She became a member of New England Watercolor Society early on in her career and has shown her work in several galleries from Boston to Maine, as well as Chadd’s Ford, PA; Annapolis, MD; and Washington D.C. She has also been published in North Light Books. Many collectors have chosen her works to be included in their private homes.

Joan loves to share her enthusiasm for painting with others by teaching her techniques and experiences to group classes. “It’s what I give back for the gift I received.” She has special colors she loves, the blues on her palette which are found in every painting. Joan also has the ability to transmit the energy and atmosphere of that special place—no matter when or where she saw or drew it, and apply it to the painting of the day. “It means a lot that the viewer can read my heart and spirit in my work.”

Seal Beach, CA is now home. Joan looks forward to creating new and dramatic paintings of the California landscape.


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