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I’m a Southern California graphic designer and photographer who loves to take every opportunity to get out and experience the world around us. Steeped in traditional film photography, I’ve transitioned enthusiastically to the freedom, flexibility, spontaneity and immediacy that digital technology can provide.

Predominately a landscape and abstract photographer with a passion for astronomy, I often mix astrophotography with terrestrial landscapes and foregrounds. I enjoy traveling to unusual locations, often chasing solar eclipses from Baja California to Germany and back here at home in the US.

Weather is almost always a factor when deciding upon a photo destination, as is the phase of the moon or the rise and setting of a conspicuous constellation or position of the Milky Way. A snowstorm in the Sierras might result in a weekend trip to the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, California to shoot Mobius Arch. Calculating a rising moon with the position of Sagittarius inside and behind Broken Arch near Moab, Utah might draw me to Arches National Park. Along with camera and tripod, my tools include a compass, planetarium software, insulated socks and warm gloves.

I shoot primarily at sunset, sunrise and during twilight where long exposures are required. Waiting for low sun angles allow deeply refracted light to paint an otherwise familiar object with unexpected colour while casting long and dramatic shadows. Captured while on location, my images were created and inspired by nature and the pure joy of form, pattern and light

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