Artist – Jeff Fulkerson


Jeff Fulkerson is an award-winning silversmith and jewelry artist who has been creating stunning, imaginative pieces for over thirty years. His work is regularly and prominently featured in publications such as Art Jewelry Magazine, Rock & Gem, and Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist Magazine, where he also serves as a contributing editor. With a background in construction and design, Fulkerson has been the recipient of numerous accolades including a Gemmy Award, the San Diego County Fair Coordinator’s Cup, and the Courtney McGowan Design Award.

Jeff is a highly sought-after instructor and the inventor of numerous jewelry making products such as the Steady Stamp, Bead Bandit and his newest invention, the anaclastic forming disc. Fulkerson also produces instructional videos and educational e-books teaching an array of topics including stone inlay, metal work, and more.

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