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Jason Haygood was born and raised in Southern Wisconsin, where an abundance of lakes, ponds, and forests gave birth to his love for wildlife. From the time he was old enough to walk he was constantly in search of the frogs, salamanders, snakes, and turtles that were native to the Upper Midwest. Those experiences led him to develop a deep passion for reptiles and amphibians, a passion which shows through in one of his favorite choices of subject matter.

Jason currently serves as a minister for the Yorba Linda church of Christ in Orange County, California. Along with his wife and daughter, he is blessed to call California “home”. He has fallen in love with the dramatic landscape of the Southern California coast, and spends as much time as possible trying to capture its character through photography. 

Jason is a self-taught photographer who first picked up a camera in an attempt to capture the unique characteristics of some rare gecko species that he was raising in captivity about 15 years ago. That in turn led to intense interest in all aspects of photography, and he has been practicing the art ever since. Since moving to Southern California from Wisconsin several years ago, he has absolutely fallen in love with the dramatic coastal landscape in and around Laguna Beach. His photography aims to highlight the stark beauty of this area in a unique and inspiring manner.

Jason has been dabbling in photography for a little over ten years. In the past his favorite choice of subjects were animals, and specifically, reptiles and amphibians. It wasn’t until he and his wife moved to Southern California from Wisconsin in 2011 that he turned his attention to landscape photography. Jason has fallen in love with the California coast, and especially the shoreline in and around Laguna Beach. Jason seeks to capture his favorite locations in a dramatic and intimate way, and he hopes to cause people to pause and look at landscapes that they might be familiar with in new and different ways.

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