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Artist, photographer, visionary and writer are but a few of the words that help describe Jared Goeree, an award winning artist.  Jared Goeree is best known for being able to create stunning pieces of art with keen attention to detail and composition.  His use of vibrant colors and light are used to portray nature’s awe inspiring beauty. Through his creative talents and vivid imagination we are able to experience an inspiring vision of the world around us.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Goeree’s family immigrated to America when he was eight years of age. The beauty of the Dutch countryside gave Mr. Goeree a keen appreciation for natural beauty.  Tulip fields awash in dazzling color, windmills gracing the horizon and canals meandering through the Dutch countryside were all in Mr. Goeree’s backyard.

However,  Mr. Goeree’s earliest creative impulses were stifled by having to learn how to write with his right hand, even though unbeknownst to him, he was naturally left handed. Many years would pass before Mr. Goeree would discover his left handedness. In the meantime his creative talents were buried deep within his soul.

While attending a seminar in which it was necessary to take notes, Mr. Goeree, realizing how difficult it was to write with his right hand, placed the pen in his left hand and began to write. It felt very natural and comfortable.

And thus he discovered the treasure that had been buried for most of his life. He was naturally left handed but had been writing with his right hand his entire life.  As  Mr. Goeree continued to write with his left hand, his world began to change. The artistic/creative talents locked up inside his soul emerged from their cocoon. And thus the artist within began to emerge.

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