Artist – James Harter



Booth C-15

San Pedro, CA

Phone (562) 810-1153

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James is a self taught artist who has found his unique artistic voice through dedicated practice and experiment in various forms of painting and printmaking. An underlying theme throughout his work has always been the landscape. Whether focusing on landscapes, seascapes, or urban cityscapes, James searches for the right placement of shape, color, texture, value, and design. His paintings weave together a seemingly abstract patchwork of these brushstrokes and marks. And it is these qualities that let the mind’s eye complete the visual process and give true poetry to his paintings

James was born and raised in Southern California where there is a rich tradition in the visual arts. He graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree in History from UCLA. Out of college he spent several years in the corporate world. But the tug of the Arts was a constant during his early career ventures. His art career began in earnest when he worked for several years as a color separator in the serigraphic printmaking industry. It was his job to reproduce artist’s paintings by reprinting them with multiple layers in a silk screen technique. This discipline of producing fine art prints inspired his own creativity and was the springboard into his own painting career.

From the early 2000’s, James was constantly painting outdoors and in his studio refining his techniques and experimenting with new ideas. He has displayed his art work in galleries and numerous art fairs throughout California and Arizona. During this same time, James began a digital scanning and print studio to reproduce his work and the work of his many artist friends. You can find examples in many galleries, hotels, and commercial establishments throughout California.

James currently maintains a studio and gallery in San Pedro, California. In addition to oil painting , he works in resin and fine art limited edition printmaking. Exploring and refining his techniques is a constant with James’ artwork today. One of the favorite quotes he uses is: “its not always what you paint, but how you paint it”.

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