inyoung seoung 2016

Previous to this collection I have worked on figure drawings that show the sentimental movement of people for several years. One day, I was so admired by the fact that none of the trees in my back yard are shaped the same.  Then I realized we never think of the beauty in each individuals and uniqueness except we just name them as “tree”

‘Unconscious’ series was established by thinking that the same theory can be applied to us, human.  Trees contain endless exclusive patterns that wouldn’t show at least we cautiously gaze at it.  Likewise, if we pay little more attention to each others uniqueness it would be much easier for us to respect individuals as how they are than have stereotyped thought toward their label.

I was always interested in the relationship between individuals and society.  I sought to communicate with the viewer I found identity corresponding with unconsciousness in my installation space.  My drawing woks are also want to represent each individual’s uniqueness.  Difference from the installation, drawings could easily be in various spaces which collectors choose.  That specific space plays an important role for individual drawings.  Just like how each individual people find themselves in various different social settings throughout their lives, it changes characteristics to each drawing.

Furthermore, I related the tree branch to our unconscious desires.  People are constantly reaching for better status in the work and I saw that in branches, reaching to get sources for photosynthesis.  The lines symbolizing branches meets with each other in some points, this represents how we interact with individuals in our life while desiring.


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