Artist – Greg Sullivan

Greg Sullivan 2016I evolved an interest in art and photography into an opportunity to personally enjoy and share visual EarthWide experiences. During the past several years I have devoted time and emphasis on further development of my photographic interests and skills, especially as a visual art form. As a result, I have won numerous awards in photography and my work has been frequently published.

My interest in photography is motivated by an observation of everything we see around us. Photography provides the opportunity to capture and retain a situation or an occurrence observed. Savoring and saving the moment makes a life experience a life event to be shared. By looking around and capturing an image, a photograph taken from a unique perspective becomes art and a circumstance to be enjoyed and remembered.

The camera provides the opportunity; the photographer completes the memory. With my camera I am able to share the experience from near to afar, EarthWide, including scenes and circumstances derived from my own community and present locale. So Look Around, Look Around! With my images, it’s all right here.

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