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Geri began drawing and painting at an early age in Chicago, Illinois. As a child, she attended classes at the Art Institute and later attended the American Academy of Art after which she worked in the Graphic Arts field.

After moving to Southern California, she continued her artistic development by painting with watercolors. She believes that watercolor’s inherent qualities of transparency and glowing colors represents her appreciation of the year long color that she found in abundance in California! Her artwork is driven by a lifelong love and sense of awe for the natural world. Her passion ­­is painting light in all its subtleties and complexities.

Geri is a Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society and Watercolor West. Her mastery of the medium has been recognized with awards by numerous art festivals and art associations. A natural teacher, she has authored painting instruction books and taught art workshops in locales such as Limoux, France and Yosemite National Park. Her work is held in numerous collections in the US and abroad. She continues to teach workshops in Southern California.

In addition to always exploring new ways of utilizing the fabulous pigments that Watercolor offers, her new endeavor is painting with Oils. Oil painting is also exciting because the method of painting with Oils is far different than painting with Watercolor. I enjoy the Challenge! It keeps me fresh and excited to paint!

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