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My name is Eteri Chikashvili,

I was born in Republic of Georgia which is located in the Caucasus Mountains. In my country I graduated with a degree from University of Georgia in Hydrology Engineering. For many years I pursued my career back home, but was always interested in sewing and knitting. This passion led me to create and work on projects and products that eventually got the attention of my friends and strangers alike. In 2011 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and underwent surgery. Due to the unforeseen circumstances I started to have more time after the surgery to follow my interest in felting. Felting allowed me to create beautiful art and forget about the sadness that was left behind by my surgery. The technique of felting has existed back in my country for a long time, but I wanted to add a special touch to this creation. Silk mixed with wool in felting creates a very distinctive art called Nuno-felting. Nuno-felting allowed me to create scarves, clothing and home decor; it is a true passion and true art. This beautiful hobby turned out to be the therapy that I longed for, and the art that saved me.

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