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Newport Beach, CA
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Newport Beach-based artist Eren Alptekin finds inspiration from her years of being an architect, traveling the world, and general propensity for curiosity. Eren creates her signature compositions through the abstract juxtaposition of dimensional forms, luminous colors, and unexpected textures to uniquely interpret natural beauty.

Eren Alptekin’s current work is inspired by special memories from her life near the coast as well as travels, and specifically draws on images she recollects from years past. Between abstraction and reality, each painting reveals an engaging narrative and sense of ambiance with relatable insight.

As a mixed media artist, Eren incorporates textural surfaces with contrasting color schemes and compositions. Her spontaneous process enhances the canvas by creating an expressive visual story. Her art is layered with rich hues, using bold changes of light and dark to enthrall the eye. Eren’s paintings are an opportunity to not only convey the passion and depth she puts into her art, but also to give each viewer a unique sense of energy and excitement.

To pursue her creative dreams, Eren received a M.S. degree in Architecture from Columbia University, NY in 1985 upon completing a Master and Bachelor of Architecture degrees from Istanbul Technical University in 1983. Her academic programs primarily emphasized drawing, composition, art history in addition to her technical background of architecture, all of which still have a significant effect on her art today.

Since moving to California from the Washington D.C. area to seek new opportunities with her family in early 90’s, Eren Alptekin has been painting and exhibiting her art in numerous galleries throughout California.

Eren now maintains a studio in Newport Beach, CA. Her artwork has been displayed in many collections throughout the United States and abroad.

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