Dennis Riehl started taking photos from the deck of his Laguna Beach Residence in 2007. With almost a 180 degree ocean view of the coast of Laguna Beach north all the way to Signal Hill and south to San Clamente Island 50 miles offshore. After living there for 21 years he decided that the array of sunsets over the years was so spectacular and individual that he was drawn to photographing them.

Dennis has had an affinity for the sea all his life. He has sailed over 100 thousand miles raced and cruised sailboats for over 30 years. He has sailed to Hawaii 7 times; 5 of which where the Transpacific Yacht Race L.A to Honolulu 2,200 miles across the ocean; twice cruising over with his wife and son.

The island of Hawaii is also a place he started photographing about 10 years ago as well. Dennis and his wife visit the islands for 3 weeks every year, spending the last several years in Maui.

His philosophy of his photographs is that they should show the mood or invoke an emotion the scene creates. While he does a lot of post-production he believes in keeping the photograph as natural as it was created. “Its hard to improve on the canvas that nature provides”.

Dennis Riehl is a new artist on the scene and has been selected by jury (30 artists out of 130 applicants) to showcase his work in the 2017 Summer Laguna Beach California “Art- A- Fair” starting June 30th through September 3rd. All of his photographs are numbered editions and signed.

He hopes you enjoy his work!

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