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Debby Fleming-Mellor grew up in Flushing, Michigan.  Under the tutelage of her talented high school art teacher, Richard Wolfgang, she won a first-place award in a state-wide high school student art competition when she was in the 11th grade.  After that came college, marriage, work and children and art fell by the wayside for more pressing life issues.

In the mid-2000s, Debby started classes at Los Angeles- based fine art school, Mission: Renaissance.  Thanks to a comprehensive program developed by Larry Gluck, Debby’s art muse was rekindled.  She’s also taken classes with well respected watercolorist Stan Miller and pastel artists, Mary Aslin and Brenda Boylan.

Debby and her crossword-writer husband, Myles Mellor, live in Carlsbad, California.  They love to travel and many of her works are taken from her photographs from Europe.

Watercolors and pastels have become her passion, with her subject matter being interesting structures, villages and towns and flowers.

Laguna Art A Fair is Debby’s first juried art show and she is thrilled to have been accepted for it in 2019.

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