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Born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, David found encouragement from teachers, colleagues and family to pursue his interest in art. In 1987, he moved to Southern California for an opportunity to work in the graphic arts industry. He currently resides in the city of Orange, California.

David considers himself primarily an impressionist landscape painter. In recent years, he has also developed an interest in creating impressionist paintings of people and still life subjects. He has a style of capturing elusive light while using thick color, which makes each painting fresh and exciting.

In the summer of 2016, David was painting in Huntington Beach when he happened to notice the long shadows cast by the surfers walking along the beach. Observing the way the colors of the shadows, reflections, sand and water all interacted with each other, he knew he needed to do paintings of what he was seeing. So he began a journey of creating the series, “Beach Shadows,” which has been an extraordinary adventure in painting life at the beach.

David is represented at Laguna North Gallery. He is an active member of Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, and participates in outdoor events on Balboa Island and other local juried shows.

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