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Cindy Beatteay is a multidimensional Artist whom identifies herself predominantly as a mixed media painter.

Cindy is a forth generation Californian whose childhood full of art training and exposure to the construction industry paved the way for a business in the Design and Decorating field. In her twenties she traveled the world working as a International Flight Attendant and then left that to pursue a higher education. Cindy earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in both Art Studio and Art History in 1993 from the University of New Mexico. At the same institution, she studied Art Education and Porcelain Ceramics as a Masters student in 1998. Cindy also studied realism painting in the studios of the Maroger Painters of Albuquerque who taught her the painting techniques of the 17th c. Masters. She has shown and sold her work nationally and internationally and won a multitude of awards.  Cindy currently lives and works as a full time Artist and Painting Contractor in Orange County, California.

Her latest work continues to explore what she  calls “Chemical Reactive Painting”. She utilizes oils, acrylics, inks, powders, resins and solvents to build her paintings layer upon layer, finishing with a glassy resin coating.  The colors, textures and chemical reactions are all magnified by the glassy surface. Most recently Cindy has begun to incorporate various up-cycled materials into some of her work. She says her reverence for the natural world is where most of her ideas are conceived, so it only makes sense to make its preservation part of her work. Cindy has stated that along with caring about the end result she is a very process oriented artist who sometimes feels more like a scientist experimenting in a laboratory.” I love the primal feelings I get from working with the materials, my work is really about combining and understanding the chemistry of the materials and how to manipulate them into something significant and beautiful.”

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