Artist – Carrie Cowan

Cowan_CarrieI graduated from Design with the intention of Designing Interiors, I worked as Interior Designer for a few years.  Sitting around one weekend I painted some flowers with eventually sold in a few flower stores in Laguna Beach,  Smith & Hawkins ended up with one and started to request custom designs and colors and sold them in their catalog.

Clients started asking me to paint walls, decorative motifs and murals in the homes, and was much more rewarding and fun for me then Interior Design.  I painted murals & finishes in L.A & Orange County for about 8 years,  After both my sons graduated from High School I moved to Kauai to a slower pace & to paint, which I never did.  5 years ago I moved back to Orange County and after taking a weekend mixed media class once again I dove deep back into my art taking as many classes & workshops that I could handle. 

My work combines various techniques learned working on construction sites and homes painting murals & speciality finishes as well as fine art classes in L.A., Ca. Sante Fe, NM  and Telluride, Co.  My Encaustic & Mixed Media work both have lots layers involved,  the more layers the better.  Most of the time what I have planned to paint is never what ends up on the canvas, when I discovered the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, the simple sensitivity to the natural process and materials, that the beauty is in the imperfect and happy accidents.  That how I live thats how I paint.



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