Artist – Carolyn Johnson

Carolyn_Johnson 2016

If you follow your passion and your heart the path will be obvious. To share that art is the next step. My mixed media style incorporates a wide range of elements. Unsatisfied to just paint or just draw I have created a technique that is truly my own. Metallic/pearlescent paints are the basis of my work with the addition of free-hand drawing of design elements to detail the objects. Additionally, other works have a basis in marbling – painstakingly developed on canvas and also detailed with my unique signature of whimsical design elements and lines. To finalize my signature work, I add a textured surface of gels and resin that create dimensional appeal and drama.

The multi-level process of incorporating everything from painting, free-hand drawing, design elements, hand dipped paint marbling and detailed textured gels make up the distinctive technique that I have originated. Fine-tuned 1 point metallic pens top the painted elements with extraordinary detail created with matchless patience and accuracy. The final layer of textured gels mirror the line work resulting in a durability that encourages touch while creating a dynamic dancing with light and style.

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