The artwork of Breck Rothage is collected all over the world and even displayed alongside original works of Picasso and Chagall.  His art is known for being refined and elegant, yet powerful.  The images command one to look … and look again.

Breck is most widely known for his interpretations of vintage automobiles and musical instruments — in a very graphic, yet simplistic form.  Having made his sole living at this for the past 13 years, he has just recently re-defined his method, style and subject matter.

Pure Southern California Coast is the focus.  “I love the sights, sounds and smells of the coastline.”  The interaction of the sea and shore give constant changes in detail, composition, color and contrast.

The challenge of the subject matter.  As a photographer, one generally looks at subject matter, then composition — including the angle of light and its intensity or color.  Once that is established, it is a matter of focusing sharply and exposing correctly.

The composition, the focal point and the reflected light can change dramatically in a nanosecond on the coastline.  The movement of the water — up, down, forward, back and side to side is ever changing that which is in sharp focus.  The exposure, being set for a lot of deep dark blue sea, can be turned dramatically when a rush of bright white foam comes into the frame and causes an overexposed image.  “It’s like trying to ride a wild and angry bumble bee.”  It is quite the challenge when all this is constantly changing at a sometimes furious pace.

Focusing on the Southern California Coast brings with it the sight of some landmarks as well.  Landmarks can hold some dear memories for so many people, as well as conjure up our imagination of eras gone by.

Having never studied photography, Breck bought his first camera in the fall of 2001 — a 4 megapixel Olympus E10 — and was so excited to get it, but immediately wondered what all of the dials and buttons were for.  “I didn’t have the patience to sit in a class, but did have the patience — and tenacity — to go out and learn by trial and error — and digging into research as prompted by curiosity.”

Breck has a long history of creativity, from designing and building custom furniture, building world class sailboats and even being a sauté chef.  Having the tendency to see things differently and to bring out the best, he looks forward to the road ahead.

“I am absolutely ‘loving’ what I’m doing.”

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