Artist – Bill Churchill


Born in Texas in 1936, Bill grew up in the hey-day of Western stars like Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. As a child, playing in the plains of the Panhandle, he expected to find old guns and saddles left by dead outlaws behind every Sagebrush. He didn’t, but instead he found a love of the Western way of life.

During a tour of military duty in Korea and Japan, he noticed the beauty of wood in architecture and sculpture.  Beautifully carved doors and sculpture were elaborate elements of the buildings. Here he found a love of wood and sculpture and was impressed by their many beautiful uses.

A twenty year career as a General Building and Engineering Contractor further enhanced his love of wood and architecture. Then, a chance encounter with a beautiful wood carving led to carving as a hobby. This opened his eyes and the light went on, so to speak. Always interested in art, this new hobby seemed to combine every aspect of his life’s influences; Wood, Sculpture, and Western art.

Now, after more than twenty years as a wood sculptor, this love has turned to a relentless passion. Bill’s goal is to create wood sculpture that showcases the beauty of wood and tells our Western Americana story.  This unique conceptual blend has resulted in twenty four Best Of Show Awards, four People’s Choice Awards, and countless first place Blue Ribbons. And, participation in such prestigious art shows as the Masters Of The American West at the Autry Museum. From Gene Autry in parades to the Gene Autry Museum.

Bill is a member of the California Carver’s Guild, The San Diego Fine Woodworkers Assoc. and Honorary Artist Life Member of the Mountain Oyster Club in Tucson, AZ. He resides with his wife in Anaheim, CA.

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