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California artist Ash Beheshti is a visual storyteller. He voices  his stories through his canvas paintings and collages. Ash’s inspiration comes from the world around him as well as the world of his imagination. As a self-taught artist from a young  age, he has experimented with a  vast  array  of  styles, techniques and materials to create original art. His preference and expertise, however, is in the use of mixed media on canvas.

Ash’s art reflects his passion for the imagery of the 20th  and   21st  century popular culture as it relates to the world of  fashion, advertising, music and cinema.   His creations often start with a carefully selected collage of newspaper scraps, old photographs, and vintage magazine pages. Then, using acrylic paint and original macro photography, he manipulates the  lines, the shapes and the colors into the final image that was initially conceived in his imagination.

Ash’s other creative accomplishments include photography, film making, and interior/furniture design. By day, he operates his successful interior design business in Los Angeles, and by night, he wears the hat of a full-time artist. Creativity never sleeps.


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