Artist – Aileen Buecheler



Ms Buecheler attended Parsons School of Design in the late 1960’s and enjoyed success in residential and commercial architectural design in New York before moving to Southern California in 1995. In the early 1990’s, to satisfy her clients’ desires for artistic lighting fixtures which were not readily available, she began to design and hand build fixtures from metal, marble and ceramics. After years of working in the structural arts, it was in ceramics that she realized the expression of her purely artistic talents.”Ceramics is the art of limitless possibilities. Be it two dimensional or three dimensional, sculptural, functional or purely aesthetic, this ancient art form serves man in more ways than any other. Whether I form a vessel to hold food or drink or sculpt an artwork that touches a soul, it is created from the same piece of earth. It is this amazing creative freedom that excites and inspires me.”

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